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Tummy Tuck

Excess fat and loose skin on the midsection can be frustrating for many people, especially when a healthy lifestyle is maintained and the rest of the body is proportional. Aging, genetics, pregnancy, prior surgeries, and weight fluctuations can all contribute to stretch marks, sagging skin, and fat deposits in the stomach region.

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, offers a way to obtain a flatter, more toned abdominal area by removing excess fat, restructuring the weakened muscles, and tightening the skin for a smoother, more defined appearance.

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Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Tighter Abdominal Muscles

During a tummy tuck, the loosened abdominal muscles are pulled together and sutured into place, providing a more defined, tighter core.

Smoother Stomach Skin

After excess fat is removed and the muscles are pulled tight, the skin is pulled taut to provide a smooth appearance over the new contours, and any excess skin is removed.

Improved Confidence

With a sculpted stomach contour and less sagging skin in the abdominal region, many patients feel more comfortable in their clothing and can wear a bathing suit confidently.

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*results may vary

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*results may vary

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*results may vary

Tummy Tuck Process

  • Mini Tummy Tuck

    The mini tummy tuck is ideal for patients with mild to moderate excess fat and loose skin below the navel. This technique involves a small incision along the lower abdominal area just above the pubic area.

    The skin is lifted to the navel to allow for specific fat regions to be targeted and removed, and muscles are brought close together and tightened with sutures.

  • Full Tummy Tuck

    The full tummy tuck begins with a horizontal incision across the lower abdomen and a second incision around the navel. The size of the incisions will vary depending on the amount of excess skin and fat being excised.

    The skin is then separated, and excess fat is removed using liposuction. The muscles are pulled together and secured using sutures. The skin is pulled smooth over the new contours, and any excess skin is neatly trimmed away.

  • Extended Tummy Tuck

    An extended tummy tuck treats the upper and lower abdominal area as well as the hips and flanks using a horizontal incision across the abdomen that extends around the sides of the body. Loose abdominal muscles are tightened, and excess skin and fat in the abdomen, hips, and flanks are removed.

  • Circumferential Tummy Tuck

    The circumferential tummy tuck is a body lift technique that addresses the abdomen as well as the hips, flanks, buttocks, and thighs in one procedure for a dramatically improved body contour. By addressing concerns in the entire midsection, your torso can be slimmed and your butt and thighs can be lifted for an improvement to your overall physique.


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Tummy Tuck Concerns


Recovery time varies depending on the techniques implemented. Most patients feel better within one to four weeks.

During recovery, patients are advised to take time off from work and daily activities to allow adequate time for resting. Activities that require heavy lifting or muscle strain should be avoided for the first four weeks.

Compression garments and other surgical dressings can help minimize swelling and bruising. It can take up to six months to fully recover and for scars to begin to fade.

Post-surgical care instructions should be followed to promote a comfortable recuperation process. Partial (mini) abdominoplasty takes less time to recover than the other approaches, with most of these patients resuming their daily routine after one or two weeks.


The amount of fat and skin to be removed will determine the size of the incisions. Scars are unavoidable but can typically be covered by a bikini and underwear.

Women who have undergone cesarean sections may have their incisions made along the pre-existing scar. It may take several months to a year for scars to fade, but with proper care, they can become nothing more than a faint line.


Associated costs may include anesthesia fees, hospital and surgical facility costs, medical testing, post-operative bandaging and garments, prescriptions, surgeon fees, and other charges.

Dr. Fiorillo will discuss your goals and preferences to determine which approach will benefit you, and he will then provide an accurate price estimate.


Mild bruising and swelling may be experienced, but any discomfort can be managed with prescription pain medication while you recuperate.

“I had a tummy tuck 3 months ago and my results are AMAZING! I did a lot of doctor research before choosing Dr. Fiorillo and felt that he would provide the results I was looking for- and he did! The staff is very helpful and friendly. I have also had fillers with him and I am very happy with the results. (Dr. Fiorillo is located in Rockland County and I drive from Long Island to see him) I would highly recommend Dr. Fiorillo to friends and family!”

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Tummy Tuck Faqs

  • Is a tummy tuck right for me?

    Being in good overall health and having realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure are important. Abdominoplasty can significantly improve the appearance of your abdomen but is not intended to be used for weight loss. Dr. Fiorillo can determine whether or not this procedure can benefit you and if you are a good candidate after a full examination and discussion with you.

  • What type of anesthesia is used for tummy tuck surgery?

    For all of the tummy tuck procedures, anesthesia is required to ensure a safe and comfortable process.

  • Can I combine other procedures with a tummy tuck?

    Yes, many patients decide to combine a tummy tuck with other procedures, such as breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, gynecomastia surgery, and/or liposuction. Discuss your concerns and goals with Dr. Fiorillo during your consultation to determine the best procedure(s) to achieve your desired results.

  • When will I see results?

    Your excess skin and fat will be gone immediately, and after the swelling dissipates, improvements will continue to become evident over the next six months.

  • How long will the results last?

    Your tummy tuck outcome can be prolonged by investing time and energy into maintaining your figure with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

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