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In this issue of Star Magazine, Dr. Fiorillo gave his professional opinion on the scar that shows up under Christina Aguilera’s right armpit.



Oops! Years-long speculation over whether Christina Aguilera has enhanced her bust since the start of her career seemed to be settled Dec. 7 when the singer waved to fans at a Tokyo press conference for her film Burlesque – and accidentally revealed a long scar under her right arm. According to NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo, the mark could be the results of a transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation, which inserts the implants through an incision in the armpit. “Through the armpit is a common way to put in breast implants because people want to avoid scarring on the breasts.” Dr. Fiorillo, who has not treated Christina, tells Star. When Christina was younger and smaller-framed, her A cups “looked fine/” he says. “But they wouldn’t suit her now that her body has changed. The new, full C cup fits her frame much better.”

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