Lip Enhancement

Lip EnhancementHave the larger, fuller lips you desire. Visit the best plastic surgeon in Pearl River, NY

Lip enhancement is a procedure which increases the size of the lips, utilizing surgery or injections. Both lips at the same time, or the upper or lower lip can be done individually. Depending on the type of material used, the results of the treatment can be temporary or permanent. It usually requires one simple procedure to achieve larger, fuller lips.

What can a lip enhancement do for me?

Several cosmetic techniques can be utilized to achieve fuller lips. Choosing the best procedure will be dependent on your overall health, your desired results, and several other factors that your doctor will discuss with you.

There are a number of enhancement techniques involving injections of a facial filler or utilizing implants. Common options used for lip enhancements include:

  • Artecoll injections (synthetic material)
  • Autologen injections (patient’s own collagen from another area)
  • Collagen injections
  • Dermalogen injections (donor material)
  • Fascia injections (donor material)
  • HylaForm injections (similar to natural hyaluronic acid)
  • Patient’s own fat from another area of the body
  • Restylane injections (similar to natural hyaluronic acid)

Each of these provide patients with some kind of benefit over the others. These benefits can be discussed further with Dr. Fiorillo, in order to determine which procedure will achieve the fuller lips that you desire.

How is the procedure performed?

This can usually be done in Dr. Fiorillo’s office on an outpatient basis, in less than an hour. Depending upon what procedure is chosen, anesthesia may or may not be used. Implants usually require a local or general anesthesia, while injections may only require topical anesthetic. Allergy testing may be necessary if synthetic materials are being used, to be sure that the patient will not have an allergic reaction to the material.

Once allergy risks are eliminated and anesthesia is applied, the filler is injected directly into the lips utilizing a minimally-invasive procedure. This just takes a few minutes to perform.

For lip implants, the most commonly used include Gore-Tex, SoftForm and Alloderm. Tiny incisions at the corner of the lips are made, and the synthetic implants are inserted. The doctor will close the incisions with stitches and implants will remain in place with permanent results. It is important to have proper placement of the implant or injectable in order to achieve the best results, that is why it is good to go to a skilled doctor, like Dr. Fiorillo, who is expert in this area.

What is the recovery from lip enhancement like?

There may be some mild discomfort and swelling for a few days after a lip enhancement procedure, after a few more days these usually subside on their own. There may be an appearance of overfilling at first, because some materials like collagen lose much of their volume in a very short period of time. The type of enhancement chosen will determine the exact results. Your desired results would have been discussed with Dr. Fiorillo during the initial consultation and he would have chosen the best procedure.

Most patients can resume normal activities within 1 or 2 days after the procedure, returning to work, but avoiding exercise and other strenuous activities for a bit longer. A fat grafting procedure may take longer for recovery.

If using injectables, especially natural ones, they are not immune to the effects of aging and will gradually deplete. Patients may require treatment over time to maintain the desired results. The material used will determine whether there is the need for follow-up treatments.

What are the possible risks of lip enhancement?

Even though lip enhancement is considered very safe, there are always risks associated with any surgical or injectable procedure. These risks may be bleeding, asymmetry, infection, numbness, swelling and scarring, and nerve damage. However most patients have no complications when they undergo these procedures. Complications can be reduced by choosing a doctor who is expert in this field, like Dr. Fiorillo, leading plastic surgeon in Pearl River, NY.

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