Why Some Plastic Surgeries Go Wrong

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Posted March 03, 2015 in General Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Tips, by Dr. Fiorillo

Many people think that a plastic surgeon’s negligence or ineptness in their skills and experience is what’s responsible for the procedures that usually go south. But before you walk in for any procedure, you ought to be informed that various reasons may make an otherwise a perfectly done procedure go wrong so that you don’t blame everything on the surgeon. The reasons may include the following-:

The patient’s genetics

Bad scarring in patients of tummy tucks or breasts lifts is attributed not to the skills and experience of the surgeon concerned, but on the genetic makeup of the patient. Also, scars will be more visible in people with darker complexions compared to those with lighter skins.


Infections are not common because of the antibiotics taken after plastic surgery procedure. But if they do occur, the consequences may be devastating to the patient. It is thus imperative for patients to observe keenly post surgery care so as to leave no chance of getting post-sugery infections.

The wide breast gap

Some people blame breast augmentation procedures for drooping or widely gapped breasts after implants. But the fact is that some people have naturally wide breastbones and it never has anything to do with a botched plastic surgery.

Going for cheaper options

Plastic surgery is an intensive form of surgery and it is fairly expensive. However, there are a crop of unscrupulous surgeons who are out to make a quick buck by doing amateur procedures and charging cheaply. This is when you realize that cheap is indeed expensive in the long run.

Your smoking habit

Chain smokers are known to have low oxygen content in their blood and this causes poor healing or a condition known as necrosis after plastic surgery procedures. If you are a heavy smoker, chances are that the plastic surgeon will not go ahead with the procedure and if they do, then there are higher chances of complications developing thereafter.

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