What Should I Know For My Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery?

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Posted April 29, 2014 in Brazilian Butt Lift,, by Dr. Fiorillo

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A Brazilian Butt Lift takes time to recover from. The recovery process can involve not only time but also changes in your routine to ensure beneficial results. Below is some critical information you should know before your procedure.

How Long Does a BBL Recovery Take?

The initial recovery period following a BBL procedure lasts about two weeks. During this period, a compression garment is required to reduce swelling and cushion the newly enhanced tissue.

The secondary recovery period occurs from two to six weeks following the surgery. During this time, many daily activities can be resumed, but there will be restrictions and necessary adaptations to ensure a complete recovery.

What Restrictions Will I Have During My BBL Recovery?

During the first two weeks, a compression garment will be required at nearly all times. After the first three days, it may be removed briefly in the bathroom or for bathing. The longer the garment is off, the greater the risk of complications during those critical first two weeks. During that same period, it is highly recommended that patients place as little weight as possible on their buttocks. This includes modifying their sleep behavior to ensure that patients do not sleep on their backs.

What BBL Complications Can Occur Following My Surgery?

Poor aftercare can increase the risk of complications during the recovery process. Some risks associated with a BBL procedure include:


This will usually occur in the first week of recovery if the incision sites are not kept clean and dry. Infections can vary between moderately painful up to life-threatening. If you experience fever, extreme pain, or serious discoloration at the incision sites (fat harvesting sites), contact your surgeon immediately.


This will usually occur in the first week of recovery, or if the incisions at the fat harvesting sites are reopened due to extra strain or tension placed upon them. If the incisions reopen significantly, medical care such as stitches may be required.

Contour Deformities

This usually occurs in the first two to four weeks after surgery, though it may develop later. If the new tissues are placed under pressure or are otherwise not treated properly, they may sag, bulge, or deform in unwanted ways. The best way to prevent these symptoms is to keep weight off the buttocks.

Nerve Damage

The symptoms of nerve damage usually develop in the first-week post-op. The risk of nerve damage cannot be alleviated during the recovery period.

What Tools Can Help Manage My BBL Recovery?

There are several tools available to make a Brazilian Butt Lift recovery more comfortable and less stressful. The number one thing to remember is that you cannot put direct pressure on your buttocks while healing.

There are a series of pillows designed for people recovering from a BBL that allow patients to sit without placing weight on their buttocks or tension on their incisions. There are many different pillow designs and brands . Patients should choose a pillow that seems right for them, and make sure they have it before the operation.

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