What Happens As I Recover From A Facelift

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Posted September 02, 2014 in Facelift, Recovery, by Dr. Fiorillo

All time references are generalized and represent the experience of the majority of facelift patients. The first week of recovery is focused on making sure your incisions are kept clean and that you are preventing infection. You will receive a full explanation of all you need to do from the clinician who assists you the day of the surgery. Day one will be the hardest, as you will feel a bit spacey after the surgery and you will have to be on pain medication. Be sure someone is with you to help you. Day two, you should have a follow-up visit to have the surgical dressings removed, incisions and swelling evaluated and then re-dressed. The next day, you should be resting still, but you should start to feel better and want to move around a bit. Day three and four are when bruising and swelling will be at its peak.

The next week you will continue to see swelling, bruising and feel tingling, numbness, and tightness in the affected area. The sensations should not be of concern. You should start feeling well again and be ready to get back to work and do light activities like walking or very light exercise.

In the third and fourth week, you should be having your sutures removed, see a great improvement in swelling and tightness and start seeing the positive results of the procedure. At this time, you can return to exercising, and people around you won’t be noticing that you had surgical procedures on your face. The incision sites will be a pinkish red, which will fade in time.

After a month, you should be completely enjoying life again. Minor swelling, tingling, bruising and tightness may persist for the first year, but usually, you are the only one aware of it, everyone else will be enjoying the “new you”.

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