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Trump Casino's New Unconventional Prize

Posted September 30, 2011 in Plastic Surgery News

Hitting the jackpot is never going to be the same again after the Trump Casino is done. The Atlantic City casino is not just offering the big bucks for being the winner of its newest card contest, it is offering up to $25,000 in plastic surgery procedures of the winner's choice.

Why Offer A Plastic Surgery Prize?

Why offer a plastic surgery prize? Simply put; because they can. Instead of the typical reward which involves earning credits on a player's card, the Taj Mahal Resort wanted to push the envelope. The contest is outside the box, but it could make one lucky winner quite happy.

The winner of this prize can choose from a breast enhancement, a tummy tuck, a face lift, and more. As long as the procedure total comes in at $25k, the sky's ultimately the limit.

The contest itself begins on October 2nd, and runs until the 29th. In order to win you must use your card during that time, and be present when the casino picks the winner.

Some might say this offer by Trump Casino goes too far, what do you think?

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