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Posted July 28, 2015 in Breast Augmentation, Dr. Fiorillo, by Dr. Fiorillo

After extensive research, you’ve made the decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery in Rockland County. The next, and equally as important step is to determine what kind of implants is best for your body, your health and your expectations. With so many different products available on the market today, choosing the best product and the best cosmetic surgeon can understandably be intimidating.

Fortunately, when searching for a cosmetic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation, look no further than Dr. Michael Fiorillo. Dr. Fiorillo is a double board certified plastic surgeon who is renowned for his skills, with offices conveniently located in Rockland County. Having been in practice since 1998, Dr. Fiorillo has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures and will speak to you individually about your needs, desires and expectations for a breast implant procedure in order to give you the breasts you’ve always dreamed of.

While there are many options that will give you satisfactory results, the undoubted market leader are “Gummy Bear” implants. Developed in Scandinavia, the gummy bear implants take their name from the beloved candy, as they are resilient yet pliable. Thanks to these implants’ unique composition and consistency, they provide an unparalleled look and feel—so much so that it can be hard to differentiate them from a natural breast! Along with an incredible look and feel, Gummy Bears are industry leaders in terms of safety, with a three-year rupture rate of only 2.5 – 3%–much lower than other brands of implants. As these implants are form stable, they won’t wrinkle or fold, both of which are key factors in shell failure. As such, experts believe that Gummy Bears will show a distinct longevity advantage.

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