The Day After The Oscars 2010…Who Is Everyone Talking About In The World Of Plastic Surgery?

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Posted June 13, 2023 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery, General Plastic Surgery, by Dr. Fiorillo

At around 8:45pm Sunday night March 7, Cablevision and ABC finally aired the most talked about and anticipated Oscar award show. It’s like the Super Bowl of the entertainment world. It seems to me that every year these award shows get longer and longer. Who of all the beautiful actos and actresses had some things altered on their bodies, faces, etc. The two funny men hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did a fabulous job and they are aging gracefully. Alec Baldwin has not had much plastic surgery at this point (maybe some Botox and fillers at some point) but could use a rejuvenation procedure. Steve Martin does not to have had much done either as you can tell his on screen appearances are quite natural. Sandra Bullock did win the award for Best Actress in the movie The Blind Side but something seemed a little off. Her face seems to have taken quite a journey. The eyes and the bottom lip move. but not much else. Those cheekbones could have been carved out of Mount Rushmore. Her nose has lost its puppy fat and somehow she manages to keep the eyebrows and forehead entirely still,” said the PopBitch blog. There was also talk about Maggie Gyllenhal having several procedures done as well. According to While Maggie may not have had wanted plastic surgery in the past, it seems she may have gone in for some work in the form of at least one eyelift, chin lipo or a mini necklift to get rid of a slight double chin and sagging jowls, as well as possible chemical peels or Botox. She may also have had a breast lift as nursing causes breasts to sag and Maggie’s breasts were “droopy” long before she gave birth. What did you think of the awards show and who was your favorite actor or actress? Thank you and stay healthy!

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