“My whole life I’ve had hooded eyes. Last week I underwent an upper blepharoplasty with Dr. Molina, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! The procedure was done under local anesthesia and took under an hour; it started with Dr. Molina mapping out the skin to be removed, and once the anesthesia kicked in, she started to remove the excess skin, and finally, cauterized the incisions and sewed in stitches. I got up off of the operating table on my own, and a friend drove me home. I iced frequently during the first 72 hours, and started healing very quickly. This week, she removed the stitches and it was truly painless – it felt like a little tickle as they glided out in one whole piece per eye. I am waiting for the bruising to clear, and have been taking arnica to help with the process. By next week (two weeks out) I think I should look top notch. Already, I can barely see where the incisions were made. I feel instantly more youthful, have more confidence without makeup, and cannot wait to show off my new eyes this spring and summer.”

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