Study Shows Pain Pumps Can Aid Plastic Surgery Recovery

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Posted April 26, 2022 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

There are some individuals that are reluctant to undergo plastic surgery procedures not because they worry about the results, but because they worry about the medications that they’ll end up taking during recovery. For those with a history of substance abuse or an addictive personality, the idea of taking narcotics for months on end can be overwhelming. Well, there is some research that shows that other effective options may be available for those nervous about oral pain medications.

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas completed a study of 690 patients who underwent breast augmentation and provided them with a elastomeric pain pump for the management of discomfort during recovery. Findings showed that for some patients, the pain pump was more effective than oral narcotics. For others, it provided an equal level of pain management. There are fewer side effects with using a pain pump, and that includes withdrawal symptoms than can lead to prescription drug abuse.

With other recovery options available for plastic surgery patients becoming possible, in the future choosing cosmetic surgery may be a more plausible option for those nervous about narcotic medications during recovery.

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