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Posted May 26, 2020 in MedSpa, by Dr. Fiorillo

The New York Times recently reported on a cosmetic procedure that’s becoming more and more popular today: permanent makeup. The article profiled Auri Reynoso, a hairstylist from New Jersey, who wanted to cut down her time spent in front of the mirror each morning. The Times quotes Ms. Reynoso as saying, “It’s amazing how you can wake up looking absolutely fabulous and get ready in five minutes. I just apply blush, lip gloss and mascara and I’m done.”

So, what are the most popular permanent makeup procedures today? Permanent makeup artists can offer beautiful, natural-looking permanent eyebrows, lip makeup, eyeliner and more. Ms. Reynoso, who chose to undergo permanent eyeliner and eyebrows, is reportedly “delighted with the results.”

How Does Permanent Makeup Work?

Permanent makeup goes by several names—cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation and permanent cosmetics among others. No matter what you call it, the process is simple. Before the procedure, we will meet to discuss your cosmetic goals and needs. Together, we will determine the best shape and color for your permanent makeup. Pigment is then deposited into the middle layers of the skin, using a pen-like instrument or a traditional tattoo device. While cosmetic tattooing is generally referred to as “permanent” makeup, it’s important to understand that all tattoos can fade with time, and some women will undergo touch-up appointments.

The benefits of permanent makeup are far-reaching. Here are a few reasons to consider this common procedure.

Permanent makeup…

  • …won’t wear off like traditional makeup. You’ll especially appreciate this when participating in activities such as swimming or hiking.
  • …can define your eyebrows. Those with sparse or no eyebrows can often benefit from cosmetic tattooing.
  • …is a time-saver. You won’t spend as long getting ready in the morning.

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