Side Effects Of Plastic Surgery

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Posted May 24, 2011 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

The term plastic surgery refers to a medical procedure that is executed to change or alter the appearance of the body. As with any medical procedure, there is a possibility that undesired complications or side effects may occur— the same applies to plastic surgery.

One of the main reservations women in New York or New Jersey have with plastic surgery is the negative side effects which can come with such a procedure, as any surgery has certain risks. Stories of breast implants gone wrong can sometimes turn off women to the idea of augmentation, but those types of “horror stories” occur when the procedure is performed by untrustworthy and unskilled doctors. Dr. Fiorillo and his expert team successfully minimize the risks of having plastic surgery by using the best equipment and most up to date techniques.

When women have any sort of plastic surgery on their breasts, from reconstructions to augmentations, they want the implant to not only look natural, but to feel natural as well. Dr. Fiorillo recommends the use of Gummy Bear implants which are specifically designed to not only hold their shape for longer than regular implants, but to also create the firm but supple feel of perfect breasts. This is one of the reasons they are so popular with our customers.

Risks and Recovery

In the days following a breast lift, breast reconstruction or breast augmentation surgery, it is normal to feel discomfort and the sensation may remain for up to a few weeks after surgery. This is normal and part of the healing process. The only awareness you have which may remain permanently is the sensitivity of the breasts. After a major reconstruction, you will not have the same level of feeling in the breast. This is not something which can be currently avoided and it is important to understand this before undergoing any procedure.

Scarring is something which women fear will affect them after any plastic surgery. While scarring is something which is unavoidable with any invasive surgery, modern methods allow for scarring to be kept to a minimum and can be often in discrete locations. In breast augmentation surgery, the incisions are made in either the armpit, the underside of the breast or in the skin around the nipple. If saline implants are used instead of the recommended Gummy Bear implants, they can even be inserted through the naval which further minimizes the visibility of scarring.

Other negative side effects of plastic surgery are rare, but they do sometimes happen. Rupturing of an implant or swelling and pain beyond the initial period is not unheard of. Patients should at all times keep in touch with their doctors after the process is completed. Normally, patients have at least one follow up session or appointment after their plastic surgery. If a date has to be missed, then patients must reschedule rather than cancel.

Dr. Fiorillo and the team in New York are ready to discuss any apprehension you may have about having breast surgery in an upfront and honest manner, and we do our best to determine the solution that’s best for you.

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