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Should I Choose CoolSculpting® or EMSCULPT®?

Posted October 31, 2019 in CoolSculpting®, EMSCULPT®, Non invasive Treatments

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If you are seeking to tone your midsection or reduce fat deposits, then you may be considering a non-surgical treatment. In this blog, you can read about CoolSculpting® and EMSCULPT® treatments to see if one of these options is right for you.

Toned man and woman exposing their strong abdominal muscles.

You can achieve thinner, more toned abdominal muscles with CoolSculpting® or EMSCULPT®.

Although diet and exercise can help you attain some of your goals, the results may fall short of your desired outcome. CoolSculpting® and EMSCULPT® are designed to bridge that gap between your hard, dedicated work and your aesthetic results.


The CoolSculpting® technique uses non-invasive cooling technology to freeze fat cells, which cannot survive extremely cold temperatures. The fat cells die and are expelled naturally by the body.

Freeze Off Fat!

It can take up to three months for your body to complete the process of eliminating the dead fat cells. In one treatment, patients can see a significant reduction of fat in the targeted areas.

Common treatment areas include under the chin and jawline, around the thighs, the abdominal region, upper arms, around the buttocks, and the back.

One session takes approximately 35 minutes to complete.

Potential Side Effects

After CoolSculpting®, you may experience a tight or pulling sensation at the treatment site. Pain, stinging, aching, redness, swelling, bruising, numbness, and skin sensitivity are also common temporary side effects.


This non-invasive technique is designed to build firm, tight muscles for a toned and sculpted appearance.

Firm Your Abdominal Muscles!

Once the device is applied to the targeted areas, it releases High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy that forces supramaximal muscle contractions. These powerful contractions cause the deeper tissues to restructure and build stronger muscles.

Typical treatment sites include the abdominal muscles, thighs, and buttocks. One session takes about 30 minutes to complete.

It can take three to four weeks for your results to become fully visible.

Potential Side Effects

EMSCULPT® treatment is not typically associated with side effects other than soreness, similar to the feeling after an intense workout. Some patients experience mild swelling and itching as their muscles restructure.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Both treatments offer long-lasting results that can be prolonged by following a healthy, active lifestyle. Dr. Fiorillo can recommend specific actions to help you extend your results.


Which One Is Right for Me?

Your desired outcome and concerns will determine which process is better suited to you. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Fiorillo is an excellent option to figure out which procedure will benefit you most.

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