Sandra Bullock’s Rumored Plastic Surgery

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Posted August 31, 2021 in Skin Procedures, by Dr. Fiorillo

She may be known as one of the most attractive women in America, but it is being speculated that America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock has had plastic surgery. Last week, Bullock was photographed with what has been called a plastic surgery complication by the media – it is actually simply a lump on her cheek.

There have been a number of proposed explanations for the facial flaw visible in the photograph of Bullock.

Speculation About Sandra Bullock’s Plastic Surgery

Some of the ways that the media and medical professionals have been explaining the lump on Bullock’s face include:

  • A facelift gone wrong
  • A threadlift, where barbed sutures under the skin are attached to facial tissue and pulled up. This would only be an explanation if there were a malfunction
  • Dental surgery or effects of dental freezing
  • Food in her mouth

Sandra Bullock is one celebrity that has been spared many of the plastic surgery rumors, even though many celebrities her age are under the radar. This may be attributed to the more private lifestyle that the actress chooses to lead. In recent months though, she has been subjected to more speculation about her personal life. It is believed that her recent divorce may have lead to any plastic surgery decisions as she is reinventing herself.

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