Roger Ebert’s Plastic Surgery After Cancer

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Posted March 15, 2022 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

For the famous film critic Roger Ebert, it has been a long and painful journey. After suffering from cancer, Ebert has taken a step forward when he received a prosthetic jaw. The cancer, located in his neck and throat caused the loss of his jaw during his battle. For a few years, he was forced to live a life without a jaw, eating through a tube and not having the ability to speak. With new technology, Ebert now has hope that he will be able to lead a normal life once again. The plastic surgery that provided him with a lower jaw now gives him a normal appearance and the ability to have facial movements.

It took almost two years to design the jaw and it is removable. Ebert claims that he will almost always wear it when he is making public appearances. Ebert has reappeared on television with a new show called Roger Ebert Presents: At the Movies. Even though Ebert cannot speak, he is able to speak through a computer. A company took past audio recordings of Ebert and developed a special speech program for his computer. He simply has to type a sentence in the computer and it will generate his voice.

Even before his plastic surgery, Ebert was making public appearances. He never felt the need to hide or stop living his life because of the deformity. Now, with the new jaw, he will be able to go in public and avoid the looks and stares that so many people have given him over the past few years.

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