Plastic Surgery Popularity In China Leads To Health Risks

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Posted May 03, 2022 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

China is one location where plastic surgery is incredibly popular, and about 3 million people undergo a cosmetic procedure each and every year. But trendsshow that perhaps such popularity in a region of the world where medical standards aren’t as stringent can be dangerous. With such a demand for plastic surgery, including with the younger population there aer a variety of clinics popping up with under-qualified surgeons offering procedures at a low price.

It’s the over-whelming demand in China that has allowed individuals that aren’t actually capable of cosmetic surgery to perform it. According to Zhou Xiaolin, retired chief surgeon of Beijing’s Plastic Surgery Hospital “Those private ones make operations secretly, some of the surgeons lack ethics and their only aim is making money,” It’s well known that China needs to regulate their surgical practices for the sake of public health, but it’s also important that individuals understand that there are unreputable practices out there simply looking to make some money and it seems to be a big problem in China.

In North America we also need to remember that these are the risks of choosing to have surgery done overseas.

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