Plastic Surgery – Have They Or Haven’t They?

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Posted January 30, 2018 in Anti-Aging, Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty, by Dr. Fiorillo

t’s hard to tell which celebrities have gone under the knife – well, it’s hard to tell in some cases! Would you be shocked to hear that Jennifer Aniston, Emily Blunt, and Catherine Zeta-Jones are all rumored to have had surgery? Here’s a look at some celebrities who may or may not have had cosmetic surgery recently.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

It’s thought that this British beauty has stuck to non-invasive procedures for now, and has had fillers, facial peels, and facials to smooth out her skin. Whether or not she has had any more invasive surgery will remain a mystery to the press and public.

Megan Fox

Plastic surgery rumors follow Megan Fox around wherever she goes. Looking at photographs of her before she became famous, it’s fairly obvious that she has had rhinoplasty to refine the tip of her nose, as well as teeth whitening and fillers injected into her lips – recently she looks more plastic than fantastic.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer’s nose has been the subject of much controversy in the past, and she has admitted that she’s had work done to refine the width and shape. It doesn’t look like she has had any other work done on her face or body, and maintains her youthful appearance with strict diet and exercise regimes.

While some celebrities hit the headlines with their drastic plastic surgery mishaps, others go the more subtle route and enhance what they have in a natural way, leaving us wondering, have they or haven’t they? We could all learn a thing or two from these celebrities who have enhanced their natural beauty with a couple of simple cosmetic procedures.

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