Plastic Surgery Gives Man Super Powers?

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Posted November 03, 2020 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

There are a variety of personal reasons why people choose to have plastic surgery. For most, it is about increasing self-confidence and attaining their ideal body image. In some cases, individuals have unique views of what their ideal is. This week, one individual demonstrated how different ideals can influence plastic surgery decisions.

A man in the Philippines, Hugo Chavez, has had numerous plastic surgery procedures to make himself look like Superman. He is now 35 years old and began his journey to become more like superman at age 25. To date, he has had surgery on his thighs, lips and chin. Plus he has had injectables to make the skin on his face smoother and tighter as well as skin lightening procedures. He plans to have procedures to increase the muscular definition in his abdominal area in the near future.

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