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Posted February 09, 2016 in Uncategorized, by Dr. Fiorillo

If you opt out of the surgical options we provide, there are still ways we can help you get the body you want. Through our variety of noninvasive procedures, you now have options that require less down time, if any—and all without going under the knife.

Vein and Vascular Treatments

Veins can pop up in very noticeable places such as legs, arms, and even on the face. To help rid you of these unsightly veins we have treatments for a variety of issues—from hands, feet, breasts, and genitals, to deep vein thrombosis, spider and varicose veins, and more. Our vein treatments are not only for women but for men too.


CoolSculpting is a painless alternative to liposuction. This is the process of freezing the underlying fat cells— causing them to die—and is best for muffin tops, love handles, and belly pooches.


TriPollar is used for the removal of stretch marks, stubborn fat, and skin tightening. This a clinically proven radio frequency system that has been cleared by the FDA. This painless treatment is also for the use of removing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.

Lip Enhancement and Injectables

To get the full supple lips you have always wanted, we have provided lip enhancement services that will give you what you want. From Collagen and Restylane, to the injection of your own fat, there will be an option for you. We also have other injectables for the reduction of wrinkles, lines and crevasses.

Laser Resurfacing

Blemishes and skin imperfections can be frustrating, trying to cover them up with makeup. But now you don’t have to—we offer laser skin resurfacing. Both ablative and nonablative laser treatments tighten the skin; however, the ablative removes layers of skin and the nonablative laser tightens the underlying skin. This is perfect for people with sun spots, liver spots, or uneven skin tone or texture.

What are you waiting for? Choose the noninvasive procedure that is right for you!

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