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NBC’s Today Show Reports On Couples Who Want To “Grow Young Together”

Posted July 07, 2020 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

In the past, many plastic surgery techniques were reserved only for the fairer sex. Times have changed, and The Today Show is now reporting on couples who are seeking cosmetic treatment together. The report features one couple—The Almeases—who had cosmetic treatments together to “slow the signs of aging.” The pair opted for BOTOX®, fillers and laser treatments, with both ending up happy with their results.

The piece also addressed the way men’s attitudes toward cosmetic treatment has shifted in recent years. It cites a statistic from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, that “men accounted for 1.1 million of the country’s cosmetic procedures” in 2010. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more couples coming in for cosmetic treatment in the years to come. Read on to learn more about the cosmetic procedures more couples may be opting for in the near future.

A Growing Trend in Plastic Surgery

More and more couples are turning to plastic surgery to combat some of the signs of aging. Want to know more?

Here are a few cosmetic procedures you and your partner may be interested in:

  • BOTOX®: BOTOX is essentially a muscle relaxer intended to prevent creases for an overall more fresh and youthful appearance. This treatment is best suited for creases that appear intermittently, such as while smiling or frowning. Common sites for BOTOX treatment include the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet. Although everyone is different, your results will typically last up to four months.
  • Fillers: If your creases are deeper and are always visible, fillers may prove to be a better option. Dermal fillers, such as JUVÉDERM® and Restylane®, work by essentially filling in the “valleys” of wrinkles. The intended result is a more sculpted, youthful appearance.
  • Laser Treatments: Laser Treatments—also known as Laser Resurfacing—have come a long way. Laser skin resurfacing is minimally-invasive and used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and more. This is an outpatient procedure that is done under local anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout.

Come in for a Consultation with Your Significant Other

Today, a growing number of couples are undergoing Plastic Surgery together. If you and your partner are interested in “growing younger together,” contact us and schedule an appointment. We have offices in Pearl River, NY and Montvale, NJ, and you can reach us at (845) 842-1258. Call today.

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