Motivations For Plastic Surgery: Unique Story Of Collagen Westwood

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Posted November 02, 2021 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

Plastic surgery is popular among men and women for many different and personal reasons. Some men desire a more youthful look or a more toned face and body. Some women wish to increase or decrease their breast size, plump up their lips, or remove unwanted cellulite with liposuction. Everyone has their own reasons for plastic surgery, and there has been a story in the headlinesthat is a controversial example of this.

Her motivations for plastic surgery are rare. Ms. Collagen Westwood has opted for plastic surgery to make her look more like a man in drag. Ms. Westwood is naturally a woman, but is having procedures done to enhance her drag queen appearance. She has spent money to make her nose straighter, and would like to have some ribs removed to fit into tighter and smaller corsets.

Obsessed with drag and queens since she was a small girl, Ms. Westwood has undergone about five thousand dollars of plastic surgery so far to create a more masculine look. She believes that men that play women in drag are extremely beautiful, and idolizes the look and feel of being a drag queen. It’s a look she has always admired and she would like to embody it.

Motivations for Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery field is focused on helping men and women regain confidence and get the look that they’ve always dreamed of. Everyone has their own beliefs as to what constitutes beauty. This story may be attracting attention due to its controversy, but it is an example of choosing plastic surgery for the right reasons. Too many people go under the knife to please someone else, or because of public pressure. This may be a drastic example, but this woman is clearly choosing surgery just for her own personal reasons.

Making Your Plastic Surgery Decisions

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