Mirror, Mirror, Are You Lying?

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Posted October 07, 2014 in Dr. Fiorillo, by Dr. Fiorillo

In the field of cosmetic surgery, all kinds of people come for help. Some arrive with issues about their appearance that can be helped. Some arrive with much deeper issues, seeing things in the mirror that aren’t even there. It’s important as a doctor, to know how to work with everyone and guide them into a balance between good health, both mental and physical, and helping them look their best.

Balancing Appearance and Health

Ensuring the clients are getting treatments that fit their needs is imperative, but balancing between what they want and what they need can be as delicate an operation as any surgery we do. Some want drastic change, wanting to change what doesn’t need changing. These people can fall victim to an unscrupulous practice, and even cause themselves injury and further pain, mentally and/or physically. Thankfully, Dr. Fiorillo has the compassion and the patience to take the time to talk to his clients. He has the years of experience to know how to guide them and help them focus on what can be done, without compromising their health or well being. Along with talking, he listens and then educates. Most clients visit without a lot of knowledge relating to what we have available and what each treatment can do for them. We help them learn all the options, so they can make an educated decision.

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