Men Considering Plastic Surgery In Pearl River, NY: Things You Should Consider

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Posted December 02, 2014 in Men & Plastic Surgery, by Dr. Fiorillo

More and more men are considering plastic surgery, for reasons other than reconstructive surgery to correct an injury or a defect. Sometimes it is to create a more balanced nose, to rejuvenate the face, or to create a trimmer waist.

Things to Consider

Obviously, it is very important to be candid and open with your surgeon, regarding the results that you want to see. If you are desiring a more masculine look, then be sure to let your doctor know, as he knows the procedures to accomplish this. Communication is the key in getting the results that you desire.

Your surgeon will assess your health by doing a physical exam, taking pre-operative photos and discussing all the options with you. Be sure to understand the details relating to the anesthesia that will be used, the type of facility you will be at, the risks and the costs. And most importantly, have realistic expectations, age and health will affect the outcome. Know that in the end, you will experience improvements, but your doctor cannot provide perfection.

If it is facial surgery that you are considering, there are issues that are male specific, relating to receding hairline, sideburns and facial hair pattern (beard-growing skin up the cheeks or down at the neck). Also, the face of a man has more blood vessels than that of a woman, which increases the possibility of hematoma, after surgery. Scars may be more difficult for a man to hide due to a receding hairline and in general, most men do not use makeup. Post surgery for facial surgery will likely require not shaving, which is welcome by many men, as it hides some of the temporary results of the surgery.

Plastic Surgery for Men in Pearl River, NY

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