Marie Claire On ‘The Dangers Of Medical Tourism’

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Posted May 05, 2020 in Plastic Surgery News, Plastic Surgery Tips, by Dr. Fiorillo

Buying into the promise of a luxury vacation mixed with cosmetic surgery, a frightening number of individuals are traveling outside the US as “medical tourists.” While there are reputable doctors throughout the world, some plastic surgery patients are reporting horror stories from abroad. “Nip-tuck holidays” are all the rage, but what’s the reality?” asks Marie Claire AU. “Will you return with the body you’ve always dreamt of – or the scars from botched surgery and a superbug?” Of course, it’s not surprising that a lot of patients are seduced into going abroad. Less-than-scrupulous practitioners seem to be making big promises at suspiciously low prices.

Marie Claire AU profiled one patient who fell victim to just that. According to the article, the patient—who is referred to as “Tyra”—went to Thailand for a host of plastic surgery treatments, including Breast Augmentation and a Tummy Tuck. (Had she gotten the same treatment at home, it would have cost her more than three times as much, but this trip seemed to have cost her something much greater.) “The surgeon botched every single procedure; where her tummy should be flat, there’s now a huge bulge caused by damaged muscles; where she just wanted a few centimetres trimmed off her thighs, the skin is now uneven and lumpy,” says the article. While this only speaks of one patient’s account, it highlights the importance of ensuring quality care before going under the knife.

Ensuring Quality Care

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) also has something to say on the subject. The society lists a few questions you should ask before having surgery abroad. Topping the list are, “Is the physician qualified?” and, “Are the medical facility and equipment safe?” The best way to ensure proper care is to be certain that your practitioner is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. But, as the ASPS points out, “…though there are many skilled and qualified physicians practicing all over [the] world, it is often difficult for patients to assess the training and credentials of surgeons outside of the United States, which leads to an increase in complications.”

There is No Substitute for a Certified, Experienced Surgeon

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