Making Cosmetic Breast Surgery a Reality

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Posted November 08, 2011 in Uncategorized, by Dr. Fiorillo

In all our experience of providing plastic surgeon services in New York and New Jersey, we have discovered that the primary concern of many patients is to have choice. Some are looking for a non-surgical procedure that is as painless as possible while others are willing to undergo major surgery in order to get the results that they want. For our part, we always try to follow the stated requests of the clients while bearing in mind standard good practice within the industry. This is an open process in which you are free to express your expectations about the type of work that you want done whilst the plastic surgeons can also give you feedback on what is potentially safe. There is also some dispute about what normal breasts are like. We do not have a standard test but are ultimately looking to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. For example some people like their large breasts while others hate them. It is a matter of personal choice and practicality. Remember that even older women can have very firm breasts depending on the type of work that has been done for them.

Safe Plastic Surgery

Understandably, many potential clients want to be sure that they are in safe hands when they visit their cosmetic surgeon. That is precisely what we do so well. Apart from the wonderful modern equipment we use, there are real professionals who will be with you throughout the process. For example we do everything that we possibly can in order to reduce the risk of scarring. This is an important consideration for clients particularly when they want to look younger than their actual years. We expand the options that are available to you and give you access to the very best cosmetic surgeons that this industry can supply. Our experience is that non-surgical procedures are not as effective as the surgical ones. If you really want great results then you should be prepared to go all the way with a well-defined procedure. It is all very well experimenting with radio frequency and heat energy programs but surgery actually works on the physical manifestations of the problem. Logic would suggest that this is the best way forward.

That then leads us to the consideration of follow-up procedures. A number of our clients see plastic surgery as an ongoing journey of self-discovery as opposed to merely a means of achieving a short term objective. To that end there will be a number of procedures that they will ask for in a given period of time. We are always concerned about the mental wellbeing of our patients and will therefore offer ongoing support or advice. For example the first part of cosmetic surgery on the breasts may be so successful that the client decides to have a second attempt on another body part. This is where our experience and expertise come into play. We have the right professionals who can give you accurate advice on what works and what does not work that well.

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