Korea’s “Plastic Surgery Obsession” Makes News

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Posted March 31, 2020 in Uncategorized, by Dr. Fiorillo

South Korea, a country known for its cutting-edge technology, competitive academics and pop music, is quickly becoming famous for something else—its growing “obsession” with plastic surgery. Last week, Reuters reported on this craze, attributing it at least in part to a societal “fascination with the lives of the young, rich and famous.” While traditional Korean culture resisted any sort of body modification in the past, today’s statistics place the country as the second highest in terms of plastic surgery per capita. What’s frightening is not just the number of procedures performed, but the age groups being targeted.

According to Reuters, “Many high school girls choose to get surgery after sitting for their college entrance exams, and plastic surgery clinics launch aggressive advertising campaigns to attract more people, including ‘mother and daughter’ surgery packages.” In a society that values youth and beauty, more teens and 20-somethings seem to be going under the knife too soon. But, we’re not just talking Nose Surgery and Breast Augmentation. “The most popular procedure is believed to be double eyelid surgery to make eyes look bigger and rounder,” reports Reuters, “but an operation to produce a ‘small face,’ including liposuction and reconfiguring the jawbone, is the current fad.” In today’s world of instant gratification, quick fixes and surgery obsession, perhaps we should each ask ourselves this: How much is too much? How young is too young?

A Healthy Attitude Toward Plastic Surgery

The recent plastic surgery craze in South Korea starts an interesting discussion on who exactly makes a good candidate for plastic surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) certainly has something to say about the matter. Among their list of criteria, the ASPS explains that a plastic surgery candidate should have “a good self-image, but a concern about a bothersome feature or a moderately diminished self-image due to the cosmetic defect.” This is in keeping with what any plastic surgeon worth his salt will tell you—keep your goals specific and realistic!

Find Out if Plastic Surgery is Right for You

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