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Katie Halchishick's ‘O Magazine' Photo Takes On Iconic Female Body Image

Posted October 12, 2011 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery, General Plastic Surgery

This week, Oprah Magazine features an image of model Katie Halchishick in the nude in order to make a point about body image. It is a photo that has created a lot of buzz because it challenges ideas about the ideal female body image.

Oprah Magazine Takes on Female Body Image

Oprah Magazine photographed “plus size” model Katie Halchishick holding a naked Barbie doll. The model had plastic surgeon's markings drawn on her in order to illustrate what would need to be done to her in order to give her the figure of the iconic doll. The extensive makeover would require all parts of her body to be made much smaller – with the exception of her breasts.

The article that accompanies the photo asks women at different points in their lives how they feel about their body image. Women in their 60's felt “grateful” for their bodies, and exercised/ate well to stay healthy. Girls in their teens on the other hand said they were “self-conscious” about their bodies and that their exercise regimen was focused on losing weight.

What Does This Spread Say About Plastic Surgery?

There are some circumstances where individuals use plastic surgery to make very drastic changes to their bodies – like the ones exhibited in the photo. However, the more mainstream use of plastic surgery today is to improve existing assets. It is important that people understand that plastic surgery as an industry is not dictating physical ideals as it allows people to make those choices for themselves.

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