How To Choose The Best Plastic Surgeon

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Posted March 13, 2018 in Uncategorized, by Dr. Fiorillo

When you’re hunting for a plastic surgeon, NYC can be a minefield – it sometimes feels like there are surgeries popping up on every street corner. So how do you know which surgeon is the best and will give you the perfect breasts or cutest button nose? Read on for our handy guide to choosing the best plastic surgeon in NYC.

Visit their website

A website is not necessarily the best way to judge a business, but by visiting the cosmetic surgeon’s website, you have the opportunity to find out some more about the services they offer – many websites also have customer testimonials, so you can see how many others have been satisfied with their procedures. You’ll also be able to read about their training and qualifications, so you can be sure you’re putting your face and body in the hands of an expert.

Make that call

It’s best to call to arrange a consultation – this will give you the opportunity to assess how friendly and professional the clinic is over the phone. Meeting with your surgeon is the perfect time to discuss the type of procedure you’re looking to have, as well as ask them questions and express any concerns or reservations you might have. Don’t be afraid to ask to see before and after pictures of previous patients, as this will help give you an idea what kind of results you can expect.

It’s easy to find a reputable plastic surgeon if you do a little research – if in doubt, make an appointment with a couple of clinics and go with your gut; if a particular clinic is offering discounted deals that seem too good to be true, steer well clear!

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