How To Achieve Your Ideal Breasts

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Posted July 08, 2014 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Enhancement Surgery, Breast Lift, Breast Reconstruction, Breast Reduction, Breast Revision, Gummy Bear Implants, by Dr. Fiorillo

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Breast enhancement procedures rank as one of the most commonly selected cosmetic surgery options available. If you are unhappy with your breasts and want a change, there are many breast procedures to consider.

Why Should I Undergo Breast Enhancement?

Living with breasts that do not reflect your desired physique can lower your self-confidence and quality of life. Many women identify with their femininity based on their curves, which includes their bust.

Benefits of breast augmentation can include:

  • Additional volume and filled-out curves
  • Corrected asymmetry
  • Improved wardrobe options
  • Increased self-esteem and psychological benefits
  • Relief after cancer treatment and mastectomy

What Are My Breast Enhancement Options?

Every breast enhancement procedure is fully customized to meet the needs of the patient. A consultation and evaluation are necessary to determine which method can benefit you.

Breast Augmentation

When considering breast augmentation, many different factors contribute to the breast appearance and cost of the procedure.

Your breast augmentation takes into account your preferences for:

  • The type and material of the implants
  • Breast implant shape
  • The size of the implants
  • Projection and placement
  • Incision technique
  • The overall style and texture of the implants

Gummy Bear Implants

When selecting your implants, you have the option of saline, silicone, or gummy bear implants. Gummy bear implants are made of cohesive silicone gel that makes them soft, pliable, and durable. The longevity of gummy bear implants makes these a cost-effective option when choosing which material you prefer.

Dr. Fiorillo is an expert in placing gummy bear implants and prefers these due to their reduced risk of rupturing or leakage, most natural breast tissue imitation, and safety.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery brings the breasts to a higher location on the chest. By raising the position of the bust, the breast contour can become more perky and youthful.

Breast Augmentation With Lift

Women who desire breast implants along with lifting the breast position can opt for a breast augmentation with lift.

Breast Reduction

Overbearing breasts can weigh heavy on the shoulders and cause daily back strain. Breast reduction surgery is designed to remove excess breast tissue to create a smaller, more comfortable bust.

Breast Reconstruction

After cancer treatment, many women require mastectomy (the removal of one or both breasts to eliminate breast cancer cells). Reconstruction surgery can help restore your feminine feeling with natural-looking breast implants.

Breast Revision

In some cases, breast revision is necessary to redo the initial breast augmentation due to undesirable results or a change in your desired appearance. Implants can be exchanged for a new size, shape, material, or other option.

How Do I Decide What Style Is Best for Me?

You can achieve your ideal breasts with breast and body specialist, Dr. Fiorillo. Typically utilizing the inframammary fold incision technique, he uses his aesthetic eye, skillful hand, and experience in the field to transform your breasts to the appearance you desire.

All of your procedure options are discussed during your consultation to ensure your desired results are understood. We invite you to view our online photo gallery to see some of Dr. Fiorillo’s previous work.

Have More Questions?

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