Hollywood Influences Teen Mom’s Plastic Surgery

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Posted October 26, 2021 in Skin Procedures, by Dr. Fiorillo

We see it in the news, on magazine shelves, and in the newspapers. Teenage plastic surgery is a trend that has spread worldwide. With media scrutiny and an image driven society, it is understandable why so many teenagers are opting for surgical procedures, especially those in the Hollywood spotlight.

Plastic surgery is a permanent solution to many aesthetic problems, and requires a great deal of thought and preparation. With the teenage body still growing, one should not opt for cosmetic procedures that they may grow out of when their bodies mature. Plastic surgeons and parents need to be responsible in helping teens make the right decisions – whether it’s to go under the knife now, or wait until they’re older.

Hollywood Puts Pressure on Teen Mom Maci to Improve Her Image

MTV’s Teen Mom Maci is prime example of a teen getting swept away by Hollywood image standards. Numerous rumors have been circulated by television and magazine covers stating that she has undergone extensive plastic surgery. They have been speculating that the young mother has gotten a breast augmentation and also enhanced her sex appeal

Factors that Influence Teen Plastic Surgery

Many parents of teenagers who opt for cosmetic procedures have themselves had procedures done. There are also pressures to look more mature and perfect in order to move ahead with boyfriends, careers, or increase popularity. Peer pressure and image issues plague most teens and this creates problems with self-esteem.

Plastic surgery can help teens overcome the issues outlined above, however they must also consider the serious implications and risks involved with plastic surgery. It is a personal choice, and it should be made for the right reasons, in the right frame of mind.

Discussing Teen Plastic Surgery

If you are a teen considering plastic surgery, come in to discuss the options and determine if you are a candidate for a cosmetic procedure today. Dr. Fiorillocan help you make an informed choice and will ensure that you are ready for any decision you make today.

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