Heidi Montag: Cosmetic Surgery For The Wrong Reasons?

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Posted February 21, 2023 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery, General Plastic Surgery, by Dr. Fiorillo

Heidi Montag is a celebrity that has had one of the most drastic plastic surgery makeovers to hit the news, with 10 procedures taking place at one time. Plastic surgery is of course a personal decision, but it needs to be done for the right reasons, or people may have regrets. Women who choose to go under the knife, need to be comfortable with their choices and truly believe that the surgeries will bring forth the desired results through enhancing her appearance. It’s been questioned whether or not Heidi Montag’s surgeries were her personal choice, or whether they were done simply to ensure that she remained in the limelight.

Since she has now come forward saying that she should have gotten smaller breasts and that her extensive recovery from her 10 surgeries was responsible for the end of her marriage. We may never know why this reality star decided to go under the knife, but other women can learn from her situation and ensure that they are comfortable with their plastic surgery choices before they go under the knife!

1. Talk to a plastic surgeon about the results desired – a woman should discuss the results that she desires with her plastic surgeon. Then, appropriate surgery or non-invasive procedures can be discussed.

2. Ask questions – before proceeding with any surgeries, it’s important that a plastic surgery patient ask questions relating to recovery, cost, potential side effects and if their specific needs can be met!

3. Listen to a doctor’s advice – a reputable plastic surgeon will not typically perform surgery on someone if it’s not a decision that he/she seems happy with. Listen to this advice!

4. Do it for you – it’s your body, so plastic surgery should be for you. You may be influenced by others; but in the end, the result is one you’ll be seeing in the mirror every day. You need to make sure you’re going under the knife to make yourself happy. If that benefits your career or your love life, it’s positive, but these motivations should be secondary.

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