Foot Fetishes Are Making Waves In Plastic Surgery

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Posted June 28, 2022 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

If you ask American women which body flaw they’d most like to fix if they had the opportunity, you’d get a lot of the expected answers. Many women desire to fix their breasts, reduce fat in the stomach and thighs, or eliminate the facial signs of aging. There are some women out there, however, that just don’t feel their toes are quite as attractive as they could be, and as a result there’s a new arising trend in cosmetic surgery; toe enhancements!

Some women simply don’t like they way their feet look, while others have caused their feet or toes to become mishapen after years of walking in anything but ergonomic high heels. To correct their perceived foot flaws, women in particular are opting to have their toes shortened, straightened and are having fat injections in the toes and foot pads to improve the look and sometimes the functionality.

This new trend in plastic surgery has been a hot topic in the media and as a result their is increased interest in these unique procedures.

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