Five Steps To Perfect Skin At Any Age

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Posted March 20, 2018 in Health & Fitness, Skin Care, by Dr. Fiorillo

Every woman wants dewy, glowing, perfect skin. Follow these five simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to achieving it, no matter what your age!

#1. Hydrate. We all know that we should be drinking more water, but how many of us actually do it? Water plumps up our skin, flushes toxins from our system and helps prevent flakiness and dehydration. Top up a sports bottle in the morning and aim to refill it several times during the day – you’ll notice the improvements within just a few days!

#2. Eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables – these contain antioxidants, which are known to protect the skin from the elements; think of them as nature’s ‘anti-aging’ miracle workers

#3. Address your concerns – if you’re noticing wrinkles, dullness or redness that isn’t usually present, why not consider a cosmetic procedure? Cosmetic surgeons can advise bonuses which treatment is best for your needs, whether it’s Botox, a chemical peel or laser treatment.

#4. Get enough sleep. It’s recommended we get between 8-10 hours’ sleep a night – realistically, many of us get much less than this. Sleep is the time when your skin rejuvenates and repairs itself, and you’ll notice an instant difference by getting just a couple of extra hours a night!

#5. Tailor your skincare. Have a consultation to find out your skin type and make sure you’re using the right products – those containing natural ingredients are ideal. There’s no point overloading oily skin with rich moisturizer it doesn’t need, and likewise don’t skimp on moisturizing dry, flaky skin.

Follow these simple steps to great skin at any age, and get ready for your close-up!

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