Finding The Right Cosmetic Surgery Clinic In New York

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Posted December 18, 2018 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

If you’re considering a cosmetic surgery, you need to keep in mind that it will have quite an impact on your life. Taking the time in undergoing cosmetic surgery is crucial – that is undeniable. It means that you have to be very careful in choosing the surgeon to approach. Finding the right cosmetic surgery NYC specialist and clinic is not easy though, so here are five factors that you need to keep in mind so choosing one for your specific needs would be easier.

Factor #1: Personality Match

Cosmetic surgery is more than the usual surgery. With adequate discussions, planning the procedure to the littlest details, and the necessary follow-ups, you will surely have better experience. Of course, for all those to be possible, you need to be comfortable with your attending surgeon. Personality Match in finding the right cosmetic surgery NYC works is crucial. You and the surgeon should get along. Always take note that you’ll be discussing some personal things for him to perform cosmetic procedures on you .

Factor #2: Commitment

Surgeons must ensure that patients will achieve desired results by practicing their craft properly. They must listen to their patients in order to understand their deep-seated fears and aesthetic goals. This is where COMMITMENT takes place.

Factor #3: Any Proven Results

Although previous experience doesn’t have something to do with predicting the patient’s recovery period, cosmetic surgeons are capable enough of providing them good results. In finding the right cosmetic surgery NYC service, try checking out the surgeon’s “Before & After” gallery of his previous work. Most cosmetic surgeons add images of their work in their website to serve as key proven results. You can also ask for some “Before & After” images during consultation. Some of them meanwhile talks about their experiences before, during and after procedure.

Factor #4: Board Certification

Surgeons come from various specialty areas, but not all of them are eligible in performing cosmetic surgery. Therefore, it is important to choose a surgeon that is board-certified in a particular field that covers training in cosmetic surgery procedures (plastic surgery, dermatology etc.)

Factor #5: Techniques

Many surgeons now use innovative techniques to generate excellent results from performing cosmetic surgery. It is necessary for patients to take into account their surgeon’s previously attended seminars, lectures, published articles or books and studies.


Finding the right cosmetic surgery is vital to the success of undergoing procedure. But take note that finding one can be quite daunting, so let these five factors be your guide.

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