Fall Is Almost Here – Is Your Skin Ready?

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Posted April 09, 2019 in Anti-Aging, Plastic Surgery News, Print Media, Skin Care, by Dr. Fiorillo

As summer winds to a close, we’ll soon see the telltale signs of fall – changing leaves, cooler weather, the kids going off to school. One of the busiest times of the year, fall is also the season where good skincare matters more than ever. Online beauty destination, Real Beauty, points this out, sharing a few tips to keep your skin looking its very best during these shorter days and colder ruby nights.

Borrowing from Real Beauty, here are 5 ways to make sure your skin is “fall-ready,” along with our thoughts on the matter:

  • “Take it easy.” Has summer sun and surf left your skin looking dry, flaky and damaged? It’s time to take care of yourself! “Before the mercury drops anymore, start treating yourself to a weekly, hydrating facial,” recommends Real Beauty. Your skin will definitely appreciate it, especially when the cold, dry winds of fall are in full force!
  • “Don’t scrimp on sunscreen.” Sunscreen isn’t just for summertime! Make sure you’re still using a high-quality sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. It’s a surefire way to help your chances against skin cancer – not to mention, facial wrinkles and premature aging.
  • “Exfoliate.” “Want to hold on to those last remnants of your summer tan?” asks Real Beauty. “Think again.” Exfoliating not only feels great, but it can help prevent clogged pores. And, if you’re looking for an extra boost this season, take another look at laser skin resurfacing. This procedure uses light energy to rejuvenate the skin and achieve a more youthful appearance.
  • “Tend to your body.” Just because you’ll be more covered up this season, be sure you’re not neglecting your body. “For a 360-degree approach to fall skin prep,” suggests Real Beauty, “opt for cream-based lip balms and slather up daily with body lotions enriched with hydrating ingredients like glycerin and Vitamin E.”
  • “Attack acne.” “Seasonal shifts trigger stress symptoms in the body, leading to … even more breakouts than usual,” explains Real Beauty. Acne scarring your problem? Find out how we can help today!

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