Facial Reconstructions And Complex Operations

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Posted December 27, 2016 in Breast Implants, by Dr. Fiorillo

Our work is not only limited to providing breast augmentation in NYC. We offer a comprehensive package that incorporates virtual surgical planning so you know exactly what to expect for your surgery. It also helps to reassure our patients we may be undergoing surgery for the first time. Serious and personal decisions such as facial reconstruction are likely to have long-lasting effects. Therefore, it makes sense for the client to have as much choice as possible. That is exactly what our cosmetic surgery NYC team is going to be offering to you. Our team is able to undertake maxillofacial jobs, which involve many free flaps. We will prepare a high resolution 3D CT scan so that we can more clearly identify the problem. It may be a defect or something cosmetic, but regardless it helps to be able to envision the final results before undergoing the surgery.

Working with Bone and Tissue Flaps

The virtual restore is a walkthrough of the process as we envisage it. The plastic surgery NY team will then engage in a pre-operation troubleshooting exercise. The client is fully involved and we try to explain all the elements of the operation. In fact many people find this a very useful part of the process especially if they are trying to make a decision. It is important to note that we will not be operating at this stage, but only using a model of the appropriate part. Our cosmetic surgery NJ unit is fully equipped for this purpose. Our employees are also briefed on the best ways of engaging with clients about their needs. All of our patients have expressed appreciation at how well we explain procedures to them and keep them informed.

Precision and Dedication during Plastic Surgery

You really need to find the best plastic surgeon in NY if you want results. This may involve paying some extra money but it is worth it if you know that the results are virtually guaranteed and that you are at a very low risk of SSI. By working with modern technology, we are able to make exact osteotomies prior to actual surgery. In the end we turn what could have been a complex operation into a successful project. At the same time this dedication is replicated during breast reconstruction surgery.

Consult with an Experience Plastic Surgeon

To start off the process, you can either visit Dr. Fiorillo’s website or give us a call. Alternative you can visit our offices where we provide breast reconstruction NYC services. Dr. Fiorillo has worked with celebrities and television stars alike – if they go to Dr. Fiorillo for their cosmetic surgery needs, why shouldn’t you?

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