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Posted May 01, 2012 in Breast Augmentation, by Dr. Fiorillo

Dr. Fiorillo is an expert when it comes to breast enhancement surgery or breast augmentation or “enlargement’ surgery. There are many different types of breast procedures that are available to women depending on what your needs are. Some women may find that they might only need a small lift and firm surgery, or maybe even are considering breast augmentation by breast implants. Whatever the case may be for you needing to get back your confidence in your appearance, you should look no further than Dr. Fiorillo. Dr. Fiorillo is one of the top plastic surgeons in the nation. Dr. Fiorillo is double board certified and is one of four American plastic surgeons who are trained and authorized to teach the procedure for Gummy Bear style breast implants that are the new 5th generation silicone style breast implant. Gummy Bear Implants are made of different shapes and sizes unlike the ‘one size fits all’ tradition style silicone and saline style implants. There is little to no chance of wrinkling or folding of the Gummy Bear style implant which makes it the safest breast implant on the market. Even if you need breast reduction, Dr. Fiorillo can help you.

Contact Dr. Fiorillo today with your questions about any type of breast enhancement procedure and let him and his friendly staff help you decide what the best breast procedure is for your needs and desires. Dr. Fiorillo is the creator of the Mommy Makeover centers that are located conveniently in New York and New Jersey.

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