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Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Rumors

Posted September 24, 2011 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Actress Demi Moore has been quoted saying that she has had cosmetic procedures. However she has always indicated that she has not touched her face. New rumors have surfaced, but they still abide by her previous statements. Recently, the media is talking about her allegedly enhanced breasts.

Earlier this month, Demi Moore stepped out with breasts that appear to be larger and perkier than she has had in the past. There is speculation that the beautiful actress has made the decision to enhance her appearance for her much younger husband, Ashton Kutcher.

At her age, it is not uncommon to experience sagging or deflation of the breasts. Women who have smaller busts may find it is hard to improve their look with clothing alone. It is normal for the body to start changing when women are in their mid-40's. This makes many women feel as though their bodies are betraying them. In Hollywood, having a “perfect” appearance is essential and cosmetic surgery helps achieve that.

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