Cosmetic Surgery In Pearl River, NY: Ensuring It Is Safe

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Posted November 25, 2014 in Uncategorized, by Dr. Fiorillo

Safe surgery with an expert is of utmost importance when looking for a cosmetic surgeon. Just like every other field, there are good practitioners and bad. Here is a list of qualifications to look for and questions to ask to ensure that you are getting the very best care.

  1. Be sure your surgeon is certified. Either you can go to someone who does the work. Or you can go to someone who has gone through the rigors of qualifying, passing examinations and keeping certification up to date.
  2. Ask your prospective surgeon about his specific experience in the specific type of cosmetic surgery that you are looking at. If your prospect does not clearly answer the question, then you may want to consider someone else.
  3. Verify hospital privileges. This refers to the right of a physician to use a hospital’s facilities and equipment. Even if you are going to a surgical center, it is good to know that the physician you are considering is allowed to work at a reputable hospital.
  4. Be sure it is someone you can trust. Check with your physician or hospital. Talk with friends and family and other healthcare professionals that you may know.
  5. Check the website of the prospective surgeon. Check the biography or “About us” page. If there isn’t one, or the one that is there is not clear and does not show a lot of accomplishments, then be concerned. A reputable surgeon has nothing to hide and should make his or her qualifications available for people like you to find.
  6. Ask for all benefits, risks and complications relating to your surgery. If you do not get honest, detailed answers and only get simplistic answers like: “It might be a little uncomfortable after” or “It will all be OK” then the physician is not being honest and not clearly communicating with you. Open communication on both sides is very important for a doctor/patient relationship.
  7. Discuss recovery period and what you need to do to assure proper healing. Also, be sure to get a good idea of what to look for, what is normal and when to call for help.
  8. Look into the credentials of the surgeons anesthetist. A good doctor will always have a good team and the anesthetist is a very important part of the surgery. So, you will know the doctor by the quality of the team he chooses.

Safe Cosmetic Surgery in Pearl River, NY

Dr. Fiorillo takes great pride in the fact that he meets every one of these qualifications, along with his cosmetic surgery team in Pearl River, NY. Take your time to discuss all these points and more, to ensure that you feel confident having him take care of your cosmetic surgery needs.

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