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Cosmetic Surgeons In NYC

Posted September 05, 2017 in Uncategorized, by Dr. Fiorillo

In New York, some necessary breast alteration procedures are breast reduction NYC and breast reconstruction NYC. These two procedures are mostly undertaken by cosmetic surgeons NYC or cosmetic surgeons NY who usually have good track records when it comes to doing these procedures. Moreover, it is best to have the top plastic surgeons in NYC do these procedures.

Breast reconstruction is commonly undertaken post-mastectomy to give patients aesthetic and psychological benefits during breast cancer recovery. The procedure lets a lot of women to go back to the lives they had before their breast cancer diagnoses. After all, for a lot of women, breasts are a very important femininity symbol that aid in defining body image and self-confidence. Before undergoing the breast reconstruction procedure, a woman must have overall good health and be able to deal with the stress of surgery.

Breast reduction is for women who need to reduce their breasts by several sizes. Women seeking to reduce breast size are oftentimes not happy with their appearance, but usually also want to get rid of conditions like poor posture, breathing problems, and back pain. Large breasts can also attract unwanted attention that may affect a woman’s self-confidence. Hence, women are more confident when their chest area is proportionate with the rest of their bodies.

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