Chinese Writer Wants Plastic Surgery To Look Like Shakespeare

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Posted September 28, 2021 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

We regularly come across unique stories about plastic surgery and the motivations that cause people to go under the knife. The latest story is about a man in China who wants to transform himself to make history come alive again. This individual is a best-selling Chinese author who is known for being controversial. He’s taking that image to new levels with a desire to transform himself into Shakespeare.

Zhang Yiyi, a writer, plans to spend a million yuan (the equivalent of $153,500 USD) on 10 different procedures. His surgeon says he already has some resemblance to the playwright with the shape of his eyes and nose. However, work to the chin, eye area, and other parts of the face is also planned. One surgery will take place each month over ten consecutive months. The patient will be required to have many additional checkups in between as well.

Plastic Surgery for Publicity

This decision is getting negative press in China as the public thinks this is a bad publicity stunt. No one seems to believe that he has chosen to look like Shakespeare because he admires the look – they think it is about a need for attention only. If this is the case, the author may regret his decision in the future.

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