Celebrity Plastic Surgery And You!

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Posted October 10, 2023 in Breast Implants, by Dr. Fiorillo

If I had a penny for every time I hear “I don’t want to look like Pam Anderson!!” during a breast augmentation consult, I would be a rich woman!

How many times a day are images of celebrities thrown in our faces, especially with all the celebrity gossip magazines, websites, & TV shows? So much that when you hear “breast implants” your mind automatically is flashing images of a petite blond with double “D” breasts bouncing (or not!)on a beach somewhere in Malibu. When you hear “Botox” all you can think of is one of those “housewives” on Bravo TV with a frozen face that looks like a kabuki mask!

Do I meet patients who want that look? Most certainly! Some patients are trying to achieve that look, but those patients are the minority. 95% of patients who come into our practice are the average woman…teachers, moms, nurses, your co-workers! These woman are either done having their children and want their body back to where it was pre-pregnancy or have worked very hard on themselves and have one area that bothers them so they are seeking alternatives because they have exhausted all other options. It’s OK to want to better yourself! You are not vain!

So how do you ensure that you will not wake up from surgery with large half cantelopes stuck to your chest? First of all you need realistic expectations, realize that just because you are getting implants you are not going to look like Pam Anderson… unless you want to! I tell patients to go on the internet, get a boyfriend or husband to grab a Playboy or men’s magazine or anything for that matter that can express what look you would like to achieve. Victoria’s Secret or Perfect 10 are not a good reference because the models are natural. Alot of the models in men’s magazines have a moderate enhancement which is more relateable. Secondly, when you have commited to moving forward with the surgery, you will be able to try on implant samples! Which is probably the best tool because you can get an idea of what you will look like post surgery. Most women want to go up one or two cup sizes, i.e. from an A to a C. And last but certainly not least, finding a surgeon that understands and respects your vision. You must communicate clearly what your goals are because your idea of a “C” cup can vary from what another patient deems as a “C” cup. That is why pictures and trying them on helps!

With all these factors, you can feel confident going into surgery that you will come out looking like an enhanced version of yourself…not exaggerated!

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