Bridalplasty: The New Rage

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Posted July 12, 2022 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

One of the latest reality television shows that has aired features brides who are competing for plastic surgery to cosmetically improve their physical appearance prior to their wedding. The show was titled Bridalplasty and had 12 different brides competing for the grand prize of a cosmetic procedure. IN addition, the winning bride of the competition will get her wedding paid for in full by E! Along with her selected cosmetic surgery.

While cosmetic surgery does have many benefits for some people, perhaps these brides are taking things to the extreme. Is there really a reward for being the prettiest bride? Taking steps to have cosmetic surgery just to prove one bride is more attractive than another is frowned upon by many people, including some viewers of the show. In fact, most people believe that natural beauty is what matters and these brides who are battling to win a procedure are nothing more than vain.

Viewers and medical professionals are concerned that this bridal competition will urge the contestants to have more procedures done than normal. While there are some downfalls to this unique competition, critics do believe that the show will open doors to many discussions regarding cosmetic surgery and the available procedures.

Of the 12 contestants, liposuction and breast augmentations are on the top of the wish list for procedures. Even though the show takes a light hearted approach to these surgical procedures, it should be remembered that they are in fact surgeries and there are always risks involved.

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