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Bridalplasty Airs with Poor Reviews

Posted December 15, 2010 in Plastic Surgery News

The new reality TV show Bridalplasty was getting questionable reviews before the first show even aired at the end of November, and for those that were expecting the worst..well, it doesn't seem as though they were disappointed. The criticism of the show has nothing to do with the plastic surgery industry, it relates more to the quality of the contestants, and the overall plot of the show. The number one complaint from viewers is that all challenges in the first episode were domestic task based; indicating that perhaps only the most subservient wife would be deserving of plastic surgery to become her new husband's true trophy.

In addition to the sly domestic challenges the women competed in during Bridalplasty's first episode, there was a more formal challenge which required the women to put together life-sized puzzles of themselves. The episode definitely set viewers up to expect to main themes for the season: a focus upon body image and upon domesticity.The brides to be placed on the chopping block to leave the show were the two that struggled most to complete their puzzle. As if the show wasn't likely to be catty enough; the other contestants are responsible for voting on who goes home!

Have you tuned in to watch Bridalplasty? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this plastic surgery/reality TV experiement!

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