Breast Reduction: No More Back Pain

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Posted December 01, 2015 in Uncategorized, by Dr. Fiorillo

Many women complain of breasts that deflate or sag during or after pregnancy or breastfeeding. Some women have the opposite problem, and breasts that were previously just perfect might swell and go up as much as two or more cup sizes.

For moms with larger breasts after pregnancy or nursing, their breasts can be more than a cosmetic problem. In addition to the difficulty associated with having larger breasts, they can cause back pain or discomfort.

What are my options?

If you’d like to find out more about having a breast reduction, we invite you to contact one of our offices to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fiorillo at either his New York or New Jersey location. Depending on your specific needs, a breast reduction might help you eliminate some of the weight and bulk from your chest. In some cases, a breast lift could be useful to help your new breasts have a more natural appearance. Dr. Fiorillo can advise you on the specifics of your situation.

Why Breast Reduction?

If your large breasts are the result of being pregnant, giving birth, or breastfeeding, there’s a good chance that you’ve noticed other physical changes you might not be thrilled about. The skin on the tummy might sag or might have stretched, and you may find fat deposits in parts of your body where you never had them before.

mommy makeover is an opportunity to address all of your concerns and help return your body to its youthful, pre-pregnant appearance. For moms who spend their time, money, and energy caring for their children, a mommy makeover is a rare opportunity to do something for yourself.

Decisions, decisions!

If you think a breast reduction, augmentation, or other breast procedure might be right for you, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Fiorillo at his New York or New Jersey location to discuss your options. He will help make sure you understand the procedure and answer any questions you might have – call today!

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