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Botox Treatment In NYC

Posted July 13, 2013

For botox treatment NYC, one of the most respected New Jersey plastic surgeons is Dr Michael A. Fiorillo who is regularly called upon for his expert opinions on Fox News and Good Morning America, to name just two. Dr. Fiorillo has practices located in Montvale, Pearl River and NYC and offers Botox treatment and breast reduction surgery amongst other procedures.

Botox treatment is done in order to reduce wrinkles on the face and crows feet and is one of the most popular procedures in the country. When you smile, frown, look puzzled or even laugh you contract the muscles of your face and over the years the contractions produce wrinkles that make you look older and can give you a sad or angry expression.

Botox treatment is quick, safe and effective and involves no downtime. Botox relaxes the muscles in the face that cause the wrinkles and will last for up to six months. It involves a series of tiny injections of the material, which creates virtually no discomfort for the patient. It will smooth out the frown lines on the forehead, wrinkles on the neck, worry lines around the mouth and crows feet beneath the eyes.

Botox treatment from Dr Fiorillo takes only a few minutes, there is no need for an anesthetic and recovery is immediate allowing you to return to your normal activities straight away.

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