Beginning A Plastic Surgery Makeover At Home

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Posted June 08, 2021 in Health & Fitness, Mommy Makeover, by Dr. Fiorillo

There is a major trend in plastic surgery with women that are choosing to go under the knife after they have had a baby. These women want to boost their confidence and get back to their pre-baby looks, and surgery can help them accomplish that. However, there are some additional things that they can do in order to determine the areas where they might require some surgical intervention.

Tips for Starting Your Mommy Makeover Non-Surgically

  • Watch what you eat – if you need to, keep a food diary to track your food intake. Ensure that your meals are well-balanced. You can indulge provided that moderation is your main focus.
  • Get active – exercise at least 4 days a week. When you are just getting started, work at the pace that you are comfortable with and follow your doctor’s orders to ensure that you are safe to do so after giving birth.
  • Have a clothing fit session – you want to learn what best suits your body as well as what size you should be wearing. A fashion consultant can help you ensure that you are wearing clothing (and undergarments) that best flatter your body.

Learn About Your Surgical Options

If you have decided you are ready to improve your appearance by taking it one step further, contact us to learn about your surgical options.

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