Are You Ready For Plastic Surgery?

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Posted December 13, 2022 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Tips, by Dr. Fiorillo

Celebrities are much more open to discussing plastic surgery today, and there is a clear division between those who love it and those who feel otherwise. Jamie Lee Curtis is the latest celebrity to speak upabout her feelings on plastic surgery. In an interview with the AARP, Curtis said that plastic surgery isn’t on her wishlist today and she also took it one step further in saying that plastic surgery is a Hollywood conspiracy.

This is quite the statement to make, but even plastic surgery advocates might find some truth in it. Actors and actresses face a lot of competition, and sometimes looking older or less attractive according to Hollywood standards can cause them to lose jobs. Hollywood’s ideals can be a driving force behind a fast decision to turn to cosmetic procedures. This is where the issue comes in; many celebrities aren’t getting plastic surgery for themselves, they’re doing it because they feel they have no choice but to. They may jump into a decision quickly and can end up seeing a surgeon that is under-qualified to perform a specific procedure. They then can end up with results they’re unhappy with because they were so eager to please for a career boost. Average people can learn from Hollywood pressures and celebrity plastic surgery regrets and make sure that they’re getting surgery for the right reasons.

The decision to get plastic surgery is a personal one. While some level of influence from outside is okay, people also need to want a procedure themselves, otherwise they aren’t going under the knife for the right reasons. Each and every one of us are the only ones that can decide what we want out of our physical appearance, and before getting plastic surgery, we must ask ourselves if we’re truly ready. If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, first ask yourself these questions:

1. Was it your idea to get plastic surgery? Or, had you thought about enhancing or improving a specific area of your body before it was suggested to you?

2. Have you talked to a plastic surgeon and gathered information about the procedure including risk factors, recovery time and expected results?

3. Have you researched and gotten references from a plastic surgeon you’re considering to ensure that they are qualified to perform the procedure?

4. Do you think that plastic surgery will improve your self-confidence and in turn create benefits for your career and personal life?

If you’ve answered “yes” to the above questions, then you’re looking at plastic surgery for the right reasons and are likely ready. By thinking through your decision and ensuring that you’re in good hands, you’re sure to love the results!

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