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Are You Guilty Of These Bad Skin Habits?

Posted July 30, 2019 in BOTOX® Cosmetic, Facelift, Laser Treatments, Skin Care, Skin Procedures, by Dr. Fiorillo

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of one bad habit or another — procrastinating, knuckle cracking, leaving dishes in the sink, etc. But, is that where it ends for you? Or – like most of us – are you also guilty of a few bad skin habits as well? Allure magazine featured an interesting article entitled, “ 17 Bad Skin Habits.” This must-read features the top “skin sins to leave behind.”

Borrowing from that list, here are a few habits you should start thinking about breaking today:

  • “Skipping broad-spectrum sunscreen.” A good sunscreen isn’t just your best defense against skin cancer, it can also be your best defense against premature aging. How? The sun’s harmful UV rays damage your skin’s elastin and collagen. And, what happens when these “springy” proteins are no more? Wrinkles!
  • “Overexfoliating.” While some exfoliation can do wonders for your skin, it’s possible to overdo it. This can lead to skin tightness, irritation and perhaps worst of all, premature aging.
  • “Drinking too much.” A drink here and there probably won’t hurt you, but overdoing it can take its toll on your skin. Why? As Allure reminds us, “Alcohol increases the level [of] inflammatory agents in the bloodstream.” What’s could that mean for you? Premature facial sagging.
  • “Skipping the gym.” Besides the obvious benefits of healthy exercise, it may also promote healthier-looking skin. “Along with lifting your mood,” explains Allure, “exercise increases blood flow to the skin, causing a healthy-looking flush.”

The Aftermath | Correcting the Damage

Clearly, our bad skin habits can affect not only our health but how we look as well. If you’re already seeing some signs of damage, don’t panic. Cosmetic medicine offers a few solutions.

When it comes to wrinkles and sun damage, there are several treatments available. For creases such as crow’s feet and frown lines, many patients will choose BOTOX® Cosmetic. This minimally-invasive treatment works essentially as a muscle relaxer, preventing lines from forming. If sun damage is your main concern, laser skin resurfacing can often be the answer. Besides sun damage, laser treatments can often reduce the appearance of lines, acne scars and skin blotchiness.

If skin sagging is your main concern, facelift surgery might be right for you. During a facelift procedure, we tighten underlying facial muscles and redrape the skin around the neck and face. For many patients, the procedure can take years off their appearance.

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